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The Masters of the Art of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a form of art. Photographer not only needs to capture the beauty that is in front of his lens but also tells a love story between the couple in his photographs.

Wedding photography is a form of art. Photographer not only needs to capture the beauty that is in front of his lens but also tells a love story between the couple in his photographs.

The Masters of the Art of Wedding Photography

A wedding photographer plays a big part in immortalizing your big day in a series of beautiful photographs. A few of these masters would like to share some of their inspirations and anecdotes with you.

Patrick Low

“I am often touched by special moments in weddings. For me, I think that it is impossible to relive these moments personally; that was why I like to capture these beautiful and touching moments in photographs. I am very lucky that these photographs are able to enrich my career.”

Patrick is one of the resounding masters among our local photographer elites. Having shot countless fashion photo shoots, advertisements and wedding photography, he is renowned for his creative use of angles, shots, and aesthetic lighting. As the founder of EXES Studio and the Malaysian Ambassador of MPA (Masters Photographers Association), Patrick is actively trying to cultivate new talents and to create new miracles in the photography industry.

Kid Chan

“This is one of my favorite photographs, taken during my first wedding photo shoot in Melbourne. Why? Because, even though we cannot see the couple’s facial expressions, it is entirely possible to feel their true love in this picture.”

Ranked by the Asian Tatler magazine as one of the “100 People You Must Know in Asia”, Kid Chan is an internationally renowned name and KIDCHANSTUDIO is one of Malaysia’s leading professional photography studio. The studio does a lot of wedding photography, advertising, and other commercial photography shoots. His ability to frame his subject in a unique shot has earned him the title as one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in the country.


“I remember the first year I went abroad for my first wedding photo shoot that had inspired me to travel the world. Now, I just want to stay in the country to explore Malaysia through my lens.”

As one of the Malaysia’s internationally renowned photographers, Zung has worked with many world-famous figures, like the well-known motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, American real estate tycoon Donald Trump, and the Dalai Lama. His biggest challenge to date was completing a ‘6 weeks, 6 continents, 6 cities and 6 weddings’ photo shoot sessions.

Like his fast, fun and irregular shooting techniques, he has a unique perspective in photography and has creatively trying to eternalize special moments in his shot. A local from the Sekinchan fishing village, Zung has no educational background in art or photography, but with his love and passion for photography, he is able to push himself into the international limelight. As a world class photographer, Zung looks forward to sharing his experiences and inspire others with his extraordinary achievements.

Avex from Avex Lim Photography

“This sweet photograph is actually a gift from the bride to her father because her father had left this world shortly after the wedding… the instant click of a shutter becomes a lifetime of memory; this is the responsibility of the wedding photographer. This is also how I fell in love with wedding photography.”

Joyce from Glance Photography Studio

“This is a casual shot of the happy couple after we completed the wedding photo shoot session. There was no wedding dress, no art direction, and no fixed pose; there was only a couple in love. This was when I discovered that love is actually very simple.”

Vee from The Muzes Photography

“On the first day that we met, this couple told me their love story; the flow was natural and beautiful. On the first day of the wedding photo shoot, I captured their moments in a beautiful background of yellowed autumn leaves. He said, ‘When I am with you, beautiful things happen.’ Just like their love, it was natural and beautiful.”

Hanz from Hanz Keng Photography

“A smile in a wedding is the most genuine moment that you can capture in a photograph. I am proud to be able to capture and share the couple's sweet happiness in these wedding photos. The journey into a marriage is never easy, so I hope to give my full effort in taking these pictures for them, as I want to leave them with a lifetime of good memories.”

Elvin & Victor from Covershots

“It is precious to bear witness to the start of a journey of a newlywed couple and shoot the close interaction between them.”