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Symbol of your eternal love

Love Stories and Wedding Jewellery

Love Stories and Wedding Jewellery

Symbol of your eternal love

A wedding jewellery is a symbol of your eternal love. Choose one that reflects your love story the most.

Gubelin - Hidden Love

Every true love has a love story, and Gubelin launched their latest collection of wedding bands based on these great stories. The rings in this collection come in different designs; from the newly launched heart-shaped ring to the classically round cut band, the couples can also choose between white gold, red gold, yellow gold and platinum.

Each of the rings has a secret pink sapphire hidden under the band; at a place, only the lovers would know. The pink sapphire is known to stimulate gentle emotions like love, forgiveness and moral sentiments between two people. Gubelin’s wedding bands can also be made into pendants that the couples can wear on a necklace.

SK Jewellery - A Love Song

Sk Jewellery’s latest collection of wedding jewellery, the Dancing Star collection, were inspired by the starlights in the universe; for lovers to find a keepsake as a commitment to their true love. The innovative Dancing Star’s collection of rings and pendants have a sparkling effect that has never been seen before in diamond jewellery.

This is because the company uses a groundbreaking technology to make the diamonds oscillates at, at least, 10 times per second. This allows the diamond to capture light at every possible angle, making it sparkle more than the usual diamonds.

Love & Co. - A Record of Love

A diamond is the best symbol of eternity because it has gone through thousands of years of refinement to become the beautiful rock that it is today. Love & Co. gives these diamonds an even more amazing change as they are used as an interpretation of a beautiful love story.

In their latest collection, aptly named the LVC Joie Collection, the series consists of white and rose gold pendants with the Roman numerals of the numbers one to ten; most suited for those celebrating anniversaries of any kind. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries, it is definitely a pendant for every occasion.

Gold Heart - A Complex Love

Inspired by the patterns of various Roman Empire’s knots, Gold Heart releases a collection of their own interpretation of a marriage knot, the appropriately named The Celtic Knots. The traditional Celtic knot is also known as the mysterious knot that symbolizes an eternal and endless loop of true love, loyalty, faith and friendship.

The pieces in this collection come in 18K gold with beautiful and smooth knot designs on the jewellery. Whether you choose a jewellery with a diamond or a pearl, the knot designs will surely be the highlight of the precious piece.

Love Lock

Love is the Key

Celtic Knot

My Diamond - An Eternal Promise

A wedding ring is not only a witness to a diamond’s eternal light, it is also a true love’s promise to an eternal love. My Diamond introduces us to their collection of tokens for an eternal life together.

has platinum wedding rings that show pure and smooth lines and are embedded with dazzling diamond studs, a symbol for an eternal light. The Knot collection, however, has both platinum and rose gold in their wedding rings; a fitting nod to the two sides of eternal companionship.