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10 Favourite Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

Now that you’ve walked down the aisle and said “I Do”, it is time pack your bags and head to the airport for that long-awaited honeymoon of a lifetime!

Now that you’ve walked down the aisle and said “I Do”, it is time pack your bags and head to the airport for that long-awaited honeymoon of a lifetime!

Asia Honeymoon

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10 Favourite Honeymoon Destinations In Asia

Asia – the world’s largest continent by size and population is home to countless breath-taking holiday destinations that boast of rich cultural influences and captivating natural sceneries. This is a list of 10 favourite honeymoon destinations within the exotic land of Asia.

1) Maldives

Situated in the Indian Ocean off the coast of India and Sri Lanka, this idyllic country is the top of any newlywed’s list of honeymoon destinations, charming couples with its picturesque view and romantic ambience.


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2) Bali, Indonesia

Apart from its variety of scenic beaches and engaging culture, Bali is the home to some of the best private villas and wellness spas in the region. This colourful island has just about anything that newlyweds on their honeymoon would want.

Bali, Indonesia

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3) Japan

Japan is a particularly good destination for couples to enjoy a change in culture. Exotic food, trendy fashion and breath-taking sights are installed for the adventurous. Marvel in the romantic sight of sakura in spring or pure white snow of Hokkaido in winter, Japan’s ancient charms are bound to leave memories that will last a lifetime.


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4) Hong Kong, PRC

Hong Kong has always been a favourite destination for couples from the East and the West. Its “East Meets West” appeal offers the best in both worlds, from high-end concrete jungle to exotic oriental delicacies.

Hong Kong, PRC

Image Source: Sky Scraper City

Hong Kong, PRC

Image Source: Sky Scraper City / Four Seasons

5) Phuket, Thailand

Arguably one of the most popular island amongst international travellers, this magnificent island is situated at the gorgeous Andaman Sea. Explore the enthralling waters of Thailand through snorkelling, diving or simply island-hopping. Don’t forget the cameras because you don’t want to miss a moment of this and end your day with a relaxing Thai massage.

Phuket, Thailand

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6) Sri Lanka

Swap white sandy beach for glittering golden ones that sparkle in the sunset in the many wonders that Sri Lanka has got to offer. With its spectacular natural landscape, exciting culture, friendly locals and exclusive hotels, Sri Lanka is the ideal destination for exploring and creating memories together.

Sri Lanka

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7) Dubai, UAE

The iconic Burj Al Arab sits regally in Dubai as a reminder of the luxurious and futuristic appeal the city holds. Indulge yourself in the stunning and otherworldly surroundings or skydive into the endless sea of sand, this magical city of tomorrow is the place-to-be.

Dubai, UAE

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8) Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is the second largest city of the Philippines and is equipped with beautiful white beaches, romantic beach resorts, enthralling natural scenery, historical landmarks and a variety of activity options for newlyweds to explore and enjoy with each other.

Cebu, Philippines

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9) Vietnam

Vietnam’s appeal lies in its history, culture, natural sceneries, hospitality and privacy. As the nation continues to grow, large hotel groups have set up resorts in this naturally picturesque country that holds some of the world’s most iconic heritage sites such as Halong Bay and Hoi An. Vietnam is also known for being the top spa sanctuary in the region with plenty of great spas to choose from.


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10) Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

While Kuala Lumpur may be the better known city in Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu too has a lot to offer particularly to newlyweds. Seek accommodation at the romantic sandy white beach of Tanjung Aru, and explore the secrets of Borneo. Be sure to catch the unbelievable sunset view from the Esplanade.

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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