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What’s your true colour?

it is time to find your perfect coloured engagement ring...

it is time to find your perfect coloured engagement ring...

Now that you've met your perfect match, it is time to find your perfect coloured engagement ring.

Ruby symbolizes long lasting passion and affection - is a poignant symbol of a loving lifelong relationship.

• Gubelin Ruby Diamond Ring

Symbolizing loyalty and devotion , this gemstone reminds you to express your love for one another.

• Cartier Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

It is said to bring its wearer reason, wisdom, luck and good fortune.

• Harry Winston Green Emerald Diamond Ring

Citrine gems are not only thought to attract love, but also to encourage prosperity in all facets of the relationship.

• Bulgari Madeira Citrine Ring

Pink diamonds are very rare and one of the most popular among all the gemstones. It symbolizes love, romance, creativity and femininity.

• Forevermark Pink Diamond Ring

The colour of Rose quartz is quite unique in the mineral kingdom. It is a symbol of gentle love and beauty.

• Pomellato Rose Quartz Ring

It is said to bring blessings of joy and prosperity in couple’s life.

• De Beers Yellow Diamonc ring

Amethyst symbolizes spirituality, sincerity, and purity, all of which are great characteristics of a wedding vow.

• Bulgari Amethyst Ring

This gemstone engagement ring symbolizes both safety and security, especially in long standing relationships.

• Tiffany & Co. Aquamarine Diamond Ring

Orange and Padparadscha Sapphires exude life-force and are powerful crystals for enhancing sexual energy and desire.

• Michael Valitutti Orange Sapphire Ring

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