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A Budding Love

When two souls from two different countries meet and fall in love, it can only be destiny.

When two souls from two different countries meet and fall in love, it can only be destiny.

When two souls from two different countries meet and fall in love, it can only be destiny. And that is what is in store for Huang Yi Yuan and Luo Yue Ru.

A famous Taiwanese write, Wa Ruo, once said, ‘The probability of two unique individuals to meet and fall in love in this world is 7 billion to one.’ Luck must have been on Huang Yi Yuan’s side as he met Luo Yue Ru when they were both students in different courses in a Taiwan university. Fate has brought them together and fate has led them to promise to continue to love each other forever.

Yi Yuan and Yue Ru came from Malaysia and Indonesia respectively. They were both freshmen that year, as they started their new life in an unfamiliar environment. Both of them were actively making new friends. A mutual friend introduced them to each other, and as they continue to meet each other in mutual outings, their love blossomed. Until one night, Yi Yuan decided to confess his love to Yue Ru. Yue Ru had guessed Yi Yuan’s intention but she had wanted to hear his confession, so it was at a convenience store that Yi Yuan had professed his love for her. And Yue Ru had accepted without any hesitation.

After they had graduated from university, they lived their lives in two different places; Yi Yuan was back in Malaysia while Yue Ru continued on to work in Taiwan. Yi Yuan thought that the long-distance relationship was very hard as they often miss each other and he couldn't’ even comfort her when she faced difficulties in her life. But luckily for both of them, the long-distance between them lasted only one month as Yue Ru decided to work in Malaysia.

Yue Rue is an ethnic Chinese from Indonesia, and was living in Malaysia without any of her immediate family, so Yi Yuan took up the responsibility to take care of her. They decided to get married and live together. Living under one roof eventually led to many disputes but they had agreed to speak their minds each day to prevent any misunderstandings to fester. For the past seven years, they have managed to maintain a sweet and loving relationship because they had found the right way to get along with each other. They are also polar opposites that complement each other well.

When they were still students, Yue Ru would always dream of Yi Yuan’s perfect proposal for her hand in marriage, but after some time, she found that planning for a lifetime together is more important that the wedding itself. When they decided to get married, they started saving money to plan for a wedding. It took them almost a year of planning before they got married.

Yue Ru wanted to do something different for their wedding portrait as she wanted it to be as memorable as possible, but she couldn't find a suitable studio that can fulfil her requirements. So they decided to fly to Taiwan to search for a studio that can help create her dreams. Before they fly out, Yue Rue incidentally saw photos shared by her fellow college mate on social media and thought that the photographer’s style suited their needs. So she contacted the photographer and he agreed to take their photos for them. Yi Yuan and Yue Rue practised poses and smiles at home to prepare for their photo shoot.

Yi Yuan and Yue Ru has wanted a small and simple western style wedding. But when their parents met, both sides of the family agreed to a traditional Chinese wedding banquet instead. Both Yi Yuan and Yue Ru decided to honour their family’s wishes and planned for their reception in a grand ballroom. It was a beautiful and romantic reception that was attended by many of their relatives and friends. The romantic love song, ‘A Thousand Years’, accompanied their walk-in on a red carpet and Yue Ru remembered that everyone was very happy for them.

Wedding Photography: Yi Yuan and Yue Ru discussed months in advance about the style of shooting that they had wanted and found their photographer online on social media.

Site Selection: Yi Yuan and Yue Ru decided to host their reception at a hotel for their beautiful and comfortable environment, and not to mention the quality of the services.

Invitation Card: Both of them had wanted to send an e-invite to their friends and family members but they also understand that not everyone would be opened to these invites. To show their sincerity, they decided to send out invitations cards as well.

Their Advice: Be open to communication when you select a photographer or a wedding planner so that everyone can cooperate well with each other.